November 15 Important Deadline for Perennial Forage Crop Growers

Richmond, Virginia- J. Calvin Parrish, State Executive Director for USDA’s Virginia Farm Service Agency (FSA) wants to remind producers of the importance of new reporting requirements for hay and pasture acreage.

Producers of perennial forage crops (hay, alfalfa, and pasture) must submit a 2013 acreage report for those crops by November 15, 2012. Late-filed fees will not be assessed if reported by June 30, 2013. This is also the same date for these crops to be reported to your crop insurance agent when carrying federal crop insurance.

FSA often receives requests for information about how farmers and ranchers protect the soil and water resources of our nation. When they report those crops to us by November 15th, we have the statistics to show this important impact.

In prior years, reports for these crops were not due to FSA until later in the spring and summer. This change is part of an initiative at the national level to align acreage reporting dates between FSA and Risk Management Agency (RMA).

All acreage must be reported for a farm, including hay and grazed crops. It is also important to accurately report crops’ intended use. Intended use is used to determine eligibility in many FSA programs and cannot be revised once reported.

Producers should contact their local FSA county office if they are uncertain about reporting deadlines. In order to meet FSA program eligibility requirements, producers must submit timely acreage reports. Reports filed after the established deadlines must meet certain requirements to be accepted and may be charged late fees.

For more information on FSA crop reporting requirements and other programs, visit your local FSA office or visit us online at

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