North Carolina FFA Goes High Tech

Some June you’ll be able to see the North Carolina State FFA Convention on your computer right at home. State FFA Advisor, and State Agricultural Education Leader explains:

“Well, back in October, the national FFA organization aired the national convention through the Alltech Ag Network powered by And so the folks at Alltech contacted us here at the North Carolina FFA organization and we were able to partner with them to create our own internet channel, so we’ve been posting pictures, videos, slide shows to our ihigh Alltech ag network website for the FFA here in North Carolina. so, we’ll be able to actually utilize their technology to broadcast our state convention in June on the internet.”

Bledsoe explains that this will be of great convenience to those that are unable to attend:

“For us it gives us a great platform to share pictures and events and for people who are involved in FFA to see the fruits of their labor, to see the activates they’re involved in, but then folks who are not involved in FFA for them to see the great opportunities available to them in our organization. To broadcast our state convention live on the internet is a great success. It is such a wonderful partnership and a great service that the Alltech Ag Network is providing to us, to be able to bring Convention into he homes and monitor screens of folks across North Carolina for folks that may not be able to make it to Raleigh. So, as sons and daughters receive state recognition at our state convention in June moms, dads, aunts uncles, grandpas, friends will be able to log in online and see their family and daughters and sons and friends receive recognition on stage. So, we’re really excited about that.”

Bledsoe explains that it might not just be a question of travel distance to Raleigh, but also of timing of a segment of the convention:

“I think for some people it’s not that great of a traveling distance, but for others, when you think of the far reaches of the state, I can take five hours to get to Raleigh, easily. And so, when you have a session, maybe during the daytime, or evening we certainly want to provide that opportunity for folks to log in and see that convention online.”

Finding the link is simple, according to Bledsoe:

“So if you go to, we’ll have a link on our website that will take you directly to the online streaming state convention.”

And the NC State FFA Convention is

“June 19th through the 21st and it will be held at the downtown Raleigh Convention Center.”

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