The OVT book for small grains in North Carolina has recently been released and Rod Gurganus, Extension Director and Field Agronomist for Beaufort County Extension explains it’s a highly anticipated publication:

“The OVT book is put out for corn and soybeans and small grains in NC every year. It does have a wealth of information that growers can use when selecting varieties and hybrids for their farms.”

While this growing season for winter wheat went downhill from spring until harvest, Gurganus says the information in this publication isn’t just one year, but many:

“The beauty of this information is you can see several year data for these varieties. Its even more useful when you can look at it across several years and across many locations. That gives a better indication on how that variety will perform in different growing conditions. We could look at the individual location data for these tests and see some issues because of the late harvest. Some were abandoned because they couldn’t harvert. It’s important to look at the multi-year data to get the best understanding of the variety.”

Gurganus explains that the data within the publication goes far beyond just yield data:

“The publication has everything you would need if you were making choices of what to plant. Yield data is probably the thing that most go to this source for, but you can find when the varieties head out, the heading date, the resistance to insects and diseases, plant height, percent lodging and much more.”

In this electronic era, the data is now available through many different platforms says Gurganus:

“Its always in a printed format and its made available in each local extension office. Its also online –  “

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