NC State Wraps Up CALS Listening Sessions

In January and early February the College of Ag & Life Sciences at NC State hosted a series of listening sessions for stakeholders and other interested parties to review and help determine the future of the College Dr. Marshall Stewart, Special Assistant to the Dean of CALS says they capped off those listening sessions with a review session:

“We were delighted to have 165 stakeholders to the College of Ag & Life Sciences to join us and have a discussion about the future of the college. In doing that, this group was able to look at the results of 15 themes that came out of the 11 listening sessions across the state, where stakeholders came in and shared their thoughts on the future of the college. It’s exciting to see the future of the transformation that we can see for the College of Ag & Life Sciences.”

Stewart explains that there was a few common themes that came out in the listening sessions:

“We see that one of the big things that comes out of our college is the need for more interdisciplinary work between areas so that we deal with some of the major challenges facing agriculture in the future. We see a real need to focus in the area of leadership development. We are also seeing a need to really think about how we promote and talk about the industry of agriculture and how we can do it better so that people have a better understanding of where their food comes from.”

So, where do we go from here? Stewart outlines the next steps:

“The 15 teams have come together and we are now entering that data in to a system. Our steering committee along with department heads and other leaders will be coming together over the next couple months to do more refining as we move into the spring and summer. We hope to have a clear pathway forward by early summer.”

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