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NC State to Host Sorghum Field Day October 4th

On October 4th, NC State Extension will be hosting a grain sorghum field day show casing late-planted varieties at the Upper Coastal Plain Research Station near Rocky Mount. NC State Extension Small Grain Specialist Dr. Randy Weisz:

“We have a nice variety test of different sorghum hybrids, these are all late planted so they are looking at varieties that would be good for following wheat. That test is split in half so that every variety will be with and without a fungicide. You can see differences in disease resistance and the impact of the fungicide.”

Weisz explains that the variety test will be especially informative:

“Listening to Dr. Heiniger talk about the different varieties in Whiteville was very informative. You could see the characteristics and how they impacted yield. So if growers are interested in what varieties are the best ones that we know of to grow in North Carolina, that makes the field day worth it.”

This growing season showed that planting populations for sorghum are very important, and Weisz explains there’s also a very nice population demonstration at this field day:

“We have population and row spacing and weed control tests that have been very dramatic in terms of figuring out what seeding rate, what row space and the different options that growers have for weed control. It’s a very visual test, very easy to see differences. This will be good for growers who want to know which type of equipment should I be planning with and what type of population should I be planting.”

With this field day, Weisz says most of the soil types in the state that will support sorghum will have been represented:

“At the field day in Whiteville the soil was a type of clay, but the one on Oct 4th will be a very typical high sand content coastal sand soil. It will be the soil type that most folks who are interested in sorghum will be growing it on.”

Weisz says that this particular event will be particularly informative for producers thinking about sorghum in the future:

“I would encourage growers who are interested in sorghum to be at that Rocky Mount Field Day. It will be our best field day for sorghum. We have the most different tests and it will really set growers up in good way for next year but for harvesting this year.”

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