NC Soybean Producer on USB’s ‘See for Yourself’ Tour

NC Soybean Producer on USB’s ‘See for Yourself’ Tour

United Soybean Board’s ‘See for Yourself’ tour is underway in South America, and Jamey Caudle, Caudle Farms, Peachland, NC was one of ten producers selected for this year’s tour.  Caudle talks of some of the things they’ve seen, from Ecuador:

“We have seen quite a few things from an airport terminal to biodiesel, a grain terminal, Monsanto’s facility, the largest poultry producer in South America.”

Caudle says that seeing American-grown soybeans put to use in a variety of ways has been an education:

“Its exceeded my expectations on what we have seen. I come from a small community so its been interesting to see the uses of US soybeans. I was excited to see how they are utilized here.”

Needless to say, Ecuador is quite a bit closer to Brazil, the world’s largest soybean producer, than the US.  Caudle says even in South America, they prefer US-grown soybeans:

“Every producer that we have seen who uses soybean meal or oil and they say that US beans are better quality than you get from Brazil.”

Another benefit of the tour for Caudle has been spending time with producers from across the country:

“Being able to interact with different growers from the US has been educational and seeing how we each grow our crops.”

Peachland, North Carolina soybean producer James Caudle, on the ‘See for Yourself’ soybean tour in Ecuador.'

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