NC Small Grains Announces 2015/2016 Winter Wheat Yield Winners

AREA II:  Coastal Plain

Region II Winner:                           Vince King

84.49 bushels/acre

Duplin County

Region II 2nd Place:                        Big Bear Creek (Curtis Furr)

81.20 bushels/acre

Stanly County

Region II 3rd Place:                          TNT Family Farms (Timmy & Terry Mills)

76.38 bushels/acre

Nash County

Agent Awards: Edward Blake Sandlin, Duplin County; Lori S. Ivey, Stanly County; Art Bradley, Nash County

AREA III:  Tidewater

Region III Winner:                            Terry Noblitt

86.08 bushels/acre

Camden County

Region III 2nd Place:                         Terry Noblitt

85.74 bushels/acre

Camden County

Region III 3rd Place:                        Barco Brothers, Inc.

82.83 bushels/acre

Currituck County

 Agent Award: Austin Brown, Camden County; Tommy R. Gandy, Currituck County


Statewide and Region I Winner:                AL Baucom, Inc.

101.32 bushels/acre

Union County

Statewide and Region I 2nd Place:              Moore Farm (Johnny Moore)

100.22 bushels/acre

Rowan County

Statewide and Region I 3rd Place:              Phil, Eric & Phillip McClain

97.50 bushels/acre

Iredell County

 Agent  Award:  Andrew Baucom, Union County; Alicia Morgan, Rowan County, Nancy Keith, Iredell County

100 Bushel Wheat Club Awards


AL Baucom, Inc.                                 101.32 bushels/acre

Moore Farm                                       100.22 bushels/acre'

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