NC Small Grain Referendum Tomorrow

North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association is having a referendum tomorrow to continue the assessment for another six years on small grain sales in the state. Clifton Paul, Paul Farms, Inc., Pamlico and Beaufort County farmer as well as President of the North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association is encouraging all that are eligible to make the time to visit their county FSA office and vote:

“We get our operating money from the assessment on small grains that are sold in NC and we encourage everyone that is eligible to vote to do so to keep this in place.”

The referendum covers wheat, rye, oats, barley, rapeseed, canola and grain sorghum.

Paul describes some of the uses for the money:

“The biggest thing is that we fund research in conjunction with NC State, and USDA for different projects like disease control, herbicides and fungicides. This year’s research budget will be around $650,000 and that will be spent around the state. We have field days every year for different trials. We try to have those at 5 different sites across the state.”

Plus, some scholarship assistance:

“We support the 4-H in NC and the FFA. We do grant scholorships to some of those.”

In addition, the video library started recently created to demonstrate various issues in small grains that can found at  .

The referendum is during normal business hours tomorrow, Wednesday August 7th. Locations include all the county FSA offices in the state for farmers that grew at least one of the grains included in the referendum. While not mandatory, participation is encouraged says Paul:

“We want to encourage everyone to get out and vote. We try to appropriate the money that we collect and spend it very wisely to make sure that we are being very responsible with the funds and getting the best gain we can for the dollars.”

For more information on the referendum visit
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