NC Peanut Growers to Meet for 60th Time

An avalanche of peanut field days gets underway this morning at 9:00 am at the Lewiston-Woodville peanut research station. As Bob Sutter, CEO of NC Peanut Growers Association explains, this is a landmark meeting for the association:

“It is our 60th peanut field day and we are looking forward to a lot of producers coming to the meeting to hear what is going on. The field day will precede the meeting and they will have the opportunity to look at a lot of good things in the field as far as development of varieties and disease and insect management.”

This year’s annual meeting will feature a very special guest, according to Sutter:

“We will be honoring Johnny Wynne, who is a retired Dean of the College of Ag & Life Science at NC State. He was a peanut breeder who developed a lot of important varieties that farmers have used over the past three decades. He will be sharing with us what he knows about peanuts as well as his time at NC State. We will be honoring and thanking him for all of the work that he has done. In addition, the growers will hear updates from the marketing side as well as legislative issues.”

Sutter explains this is usually a well attended event, and he encourages arriving early:

“The plot tours will start at 9 and go until about 10:55. I urge people to get there about 8:45 so they can get a good seat on the trailer.”

Regarding the plot tours, Sutter feels that most issues that peanut producers are interested in will be covered:

“Tom Isleib will show us some variety development. Dr. Barbara Shew will talk about disease management. Rick Brandenburg will talk about insect management. David Jordan will have plots on different planting dates. I think the field day will cover most of the issues that producers would be interested in.”

Again, the 60th annual meeting of the NC Peanut Growers Association at the Lewiston-Woodville peanut research station.

Two additional peanut field days are scheduled for next week; Tuesday, September 11th near Clarkton, at 9:30 am and Thursday, September 13th, in Martin County at 9:00 am. For more info on either of these field days, visit the calendar section of our website.

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