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NC Legislators Getting More Connected to Rural Communities

NC Legislators Getting More Connected to Rural Communities
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Earlier this week at the North Carolina Farm Bureau Annual Convention, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory spoke with the delegation about issues in the agricultural community. Today we hear from Governor McCrory on the growing disconnect between legislators, often from urban environments, and the needs of the rural communities they serve:

“One thing I’m attempting to do with the urban areas who I have a close familiarity with, is I’m asking them to expand their circle of economic development efforts to 100 miles outside of their regions. And to recognize that their food and future labors and suppliers will be coming from the rural areas. Its my job to make sure that we have an infrastructure that connects. That includes water, energy, communications and transportation. That is part of the vision we will be promoting, a 25-50 year plan to connect the rural and urban areas with each other because they are dependent upon each other.

We are very proud of the tax reform bill which we think will help the ag community. I consider a farmer a business person, in fact I think they are smarter than the traders in NY. When I see the farmers in the West that were flooded out and to see their resiliency, and their lack of becoming a victim, I respect those in the ag community so much because they refuse to become victims of circumstance. The government needs to just get the heck out of their way and let them do their work and reap the benefits.”

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory.