NC House Bill Signed Into Law Benefitting Agriculture

North Carolina’s Farm Bureau was very disappointed that the Reclaim NC Act was vetoed by NC Governor Pat McCrory, but last Friday, McCrory did sign a bill that had several benefits for the state’s farmers. Larry Wooten, President of the North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation:

“This House Bill 74, the regulatory form act of 2014, there are a lot of regulatory reform issues in there. Three are of particular importance to agriculture that we supported and applaud the governor for signing that bill. One dealt with the elimination of farm pond buffer requirements that would have been punitive to many of our livestock producers.”

Another provision, according to Wooten offered some relief to smaller livestock producers:

“Also there was a provision that revised the regulations that dealt with the number of cattle head where you didn’t have to deal with CAFO regulations.”

And lastly, the General Assembly dealt with an issue that farm labor:

“The last issue that we felt was important for agriculture, was the provision that protected the farmers right to hire non-union employees.”

Even with one veto, two bills passed this legislative session that were of benefits to the state’s ag economy. Wooten says, all in all, Farm Bureau is pleased that ag is finally getting the attention it deserves:

“North Carolina Farm Bureau appreciates this legislature looking at agriculture as the largest business in the state.”

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