NC General Assembly Overrides Veto of Reclaim NC Act

North Carolina Farm Bureau has been very involved in immigration reform efforts, both at the state and federal level. Last month, NC Governor Pat McCrory vetoed the Reclaim NC Act, a bill designed to help farmers with seasonal labor needs, among other things. This week, the NC General Assembly reconvened in a special session to vote on veto overrides for the Reclaim NC Act and other bills vetoed by McCrory. Governor McCrory had this comment on the veto override on WPTK Raleigh:

“A very powerful lobbying interest got this through in the disguise to help farmers. The Farm Bureau and others were very active in their lobbying for this and they successfully passed it and overrode our veto.”

President of the NC Farm Bureau, Larry Wooten explains the Reclaim NC Act brought North Carolina in line with current federal regulations:

“The portion of the Reclaim NC Act that we had an interest in and asked legislative leadership to over ride the Governor’s veto was the part dealing with the eVerify. The eVerify language that we have in NC now is in conflict with the federal eVerify law and that discrepancy with our law and the federal law really put our farmers in a bind.”

But, McCrory didn’t exactly see it that way:

“It was disguised as a bill to help farmers in picking crops, but no where in the bill is anything mentioned about farming or agriculture.”

Wooten explains that Farm Bureau certainly wasn’t the only agriculture advocate in the state requesting the override:

“This is the first opportunity in the Reclaim NC Act that we had to correct it and when the Governor vetoed the bill, and we support him on many issues, on this one we had an honest disagreement. It was not just a Farm Bureau effort, though we took the leadership role in asking the legislature to override the veto.”

With the Reclaim NC Act now law, Wooten explains what the state’s farmers can expect:

“The law goes in to effect immediately so that means that our farmers who have seasonal labor here not longer than 9 months don’t have to eVerify. Until we get immigration reform at the federal level this was a real help to NC farmers.”

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