NC Early Corn Harvest Numbers Looking Good

It would seem that the corn crop in the Carolinas has struggled since Day One, but all the struggle seems to be paying off, says Don Nicholson, Regional Agronomist for North Carolina Department of Agriculture:

“Its been an excellent corn year this year, the worst I have heard is about 150 bushels per acre, that was early planted corn.”

And Nicholson says corn is being harvested at a little higher moisture levels, not taking any chances:

“Most are starting in the mid to upper 20s, they are trying to get it out just in case something else happens this year, like a hurricane or other bad weather. So they want to get it out before its laying on the ground.”

As far as tobacco is concerned, many producers were afraid they were sitting on a disaster, but producers have been pleasantly surprised:

“A lot of growers did a lot of extra fertilization to get some weight on this crop and its really paying dividends for those that did that. Its not as bad a crop as we had anticipated.”

As far as the crop coming off faster than barn space is available, Nicholson says he doesn’t see that happening this year:

“We are still getting rain so that is delaying harvest a bit, and the crop is pushing the farmers this year instead of the farmers trying to push it. Some are spraying a little extra nitrogen.”

With crops that were planted on time, we appear to be in good shape for now. As far as the late planted crops, Nicholson has concerns:

“We had a tremendous amount of wheat acres that never got harvested or harvested late. For those who tried to plant beans or sorghum late, I think we are going to run out of time on some of these crops if we have an early frost.”

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