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NC Commissioner Troxler: National Fruitcake Day and “Got to Be NC” Marketing

  • Dec. 27 is National Fruitcake Day. I mention that because North Carolina’s own Southern Supreme Fruitcake has been making and selling its special nutty fruitcake for over 30 years from its 40,000-square-foot facility in Bear Creek.
  •  Southern Supreme Fruitcake is one of the 2,160 members in our Got to Be NC marketing program that works to raise awareness and opportunities for North Carolina food companies.
  • Members of the program can use the green and yellow or green and white, state-shaped Got to Be NC logo on their products and marketing materials to identify that they are a North Carolina product.
  • The logo is designed to help shoppers easily identify NC products where ever they shop.
  • In some grocery stores, you can find stand-alone North Carolina products clustered together. Other stores may have a special section on an aisle and some just mix the local products in with similar products.
  • You can also find member products at farmers markets and roadside stands, online and at special events like the Got to Be NC Festival May 19-21 and at the State Fair in the Got to Be NC Pavilion.
  • I am proud of the many different products made in North Carolina.
  • We have a lots of barbecue sauces in the program, which makes sense when you think about how popular BBQ is in North Carolina.
  • No doubt the right sauce makes the BBQ come alive.
  • But you can also find cheeses, condiments, beverages, dips, salsas, pickles, meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, chips, wines, beer, specialty products and many more.

  • I always encourage folks to shop local because the money you spend with North Carolina producers stays in the state and recirculates through the community.

  • You can find locally made products on our website at Click on the link for products.

  • Also, if someone has a food product idea they are interested in making into a business, they can contact our Marketing Division at 919-707-3100 to learn more about the process.