NC Ag Commissioner Troxler Says the Way to Grow Overseas Sales is to Build Relationships

At the North Carolina Agribusiness Council’s Candidate Forum, NC Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler was the last speaker of the evening. When presented with the question about North Carolina’s lack of a state-wide biotech policy, and the ability of a county to institute a GMO ban, Troxler had these thoughts:

“We can’t have laws in North Carolina that are county by county that put one farmer to a disadvantage to another. It must be uniform.”

And Troxler feels that North Carolina is in better shape that many states with this issue due to the strength in other regulations:

“I think we are in better shape than most states because with some of the language in the plant industry, regulations and in the pesticide regulations, we are somewhat better off than we could have been. But I am willing to try to get this law passed in the legislature and certainly understand the issues.”

Plus, Troxler believes that bio-engineered crops are going to be the most efficient way to feed the world’s growing population:

“When I look at the world’s food needs in the future, we are going to need every tool in the tool box that we can possibly have. Biotechnology is one of the leading tools that we will have to develop more food supplies for the world.”

In consideration of the question on protecting current and expanding tobacco exports, Troxler shared these thoughts:

“Over these past two terms we have concentrated in the department with our export section on growing these markets abroad. I realize that China has the potential to be a growth market. Not only do they consume the most tobacco in the world, they grow the most tobacco. But also with the changing population in China, they are going to have to concentrate more on food production which means they probably will import more tobacco. And certainly if China is going to import more tobacco then we want it to be from North Carolina.”

Sales of tobacco to China have continued to grow, and Troxler believes that the way to stabilize those sales, and grow them is through relationship building:

“We are hopeful that all of these things are going to pay off and that China does decide that the best place in the world that they can buy tobacco if North Carolina. If we do that then we will have that stability and that growth we need in the tobacco industry in North Carolina.”

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