NC Ag Commissioner Concerned about Crop Damage due to Excessive Rains

We have seen rain and more rain this season. It has slowed down a lot of crops and now it is affecting a lot of the crops that were able to be planted.

“It’s getting serious and its not just one region of the state, its state wide. We have a wheat crop in the field that was a good crop, but we cant get it combined because of the wet weather. I am very worried that if the weather continues we will see the wheat sprout in the head and take away any economic value.

Tobacco is a crop that does not like a tremendous amount of water, it cant stand its root system in water. We also have cotton that is drowning. The good news is that tobacco is a resilient crop and it has bounced back from wet weather before.

Corn will do well in this wet weather, and do well with it unless it stands in water. I just had a report that there is a dairy farmer in western Carolina that has 900 acres of corn under water. That does not help and most of the time will damage it beyond repair. We have vegetable planters who have replanted three times and are under water again.

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