National Pork Board Issues Recommendations for PEDV

More than 300 swine premises nationwide have tested positive for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, quite a few in North Carolina. PEDV – which is a production disease – was confirmed in the U.S. for the first time this spring. Pork Checkoff Director of Swine Health Research and Information Dr. Lisa Becton – is reminding pork producers to enhance biosecurity measures:

“Its just very common procedures. You know that if you or someone down the road has that virus you want to restrict movement as much as possible. If you have to bring in seed or other things, you want to be sure that vehicles coming in are clean and they haven’t been at a dirty farm prior. Clean and dry are good basic principles. If you can log people in before they come in that would help. Also wear clean coveralls and boots when visiting a farm.”

PEDV is clinically similar to TGE. The preventative measures would be similar for both diseases…

“This is transmitted through a rat, through the feces. So if another pig that doesn’t have the virus ingests or is exposed to it then that pig will get it. We suggest for folks to not transmit that manure to other pigs or transmit sick pigs to healthy pigs. Things you can do is make sure your trucks are clean as we think that contaminated trailers are contributing to the spread. If you do have a trailer with manure, make sure you follow proper bio security procedures, such as cleaning out all of the organic material then letting that trailer go through a disinfectant process and dry. The virus is affected by heat and disinfectant.”

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