National Ag Day is Tuesday

National Ag Day is Tuesday

National Ag Day is on March 22, and it’s a great time for America’s farmers and ranchers to share their story. Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, says it’s also an opportunity to connect with consumers.

“Whether it be consumers right down the road or across the country, U.S. agriculture has a great story to share, especially when it comes to how we are growing a climate for tomorrow. We are leading the way with reducing our per-unit emissions, embracing innovation and new practices, and increasing our use of renewable energy.”

He says ensuring the continued success of American agriculture starts with making it economically sustainable.

“We need to introduce our young people to the abundance of careers in agriculture, from animal care to technology to farm management, and then we need to invest in research to continually improve and advance farming practices. Agriculture depends on hard working, innovative farm men and women to help us be better every day at growing our nation’s food, fiber, and fuel.”

He talks about some of the lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic, supply chain issues, and other world events.

“The challenging times at home with rising supply costs and the heartbreaking events abroad are stark reminders of how important food security is to us. Over the last two years, a spotlight has been shined on American agriculture and how it touches all of our lives, whether it be on the farm or off. Consumers have grown in their trust in farmers and ranchers. They have seen us rise up to the challenge and still farm even in the hardest of times. Let’s keep building on that trust and working together to build a brighter future.”