Murphy Brown Reinforces Commitment to Sorghum with Growers at Pee Dee REC

Earlier this week the Pee Dee Research & Education Center’s All Crops Field Day, District 62 Representative Robert Williams addressed producers at the event:

“What you are doing today is very valuable to our community. Especially to rural South Carolina.”

While the field day was labeled ‘all crops’ the focus was on diversification, featuring grain sorghum and flax. Williams addressed the need to diversify to keep the rural areas of the state vital:

“We need to first start diversifying our products and expanding the benefits for our rural community. We have talked about sorghum and other crops that we can plant in the rural area to be beneficial to all who work in that effort.”

In the realm of sorghum production, David Hull with Murphy Brown spoke to the crowd about their commitment to the crop:

“Murphy Brown has made a fundamental change in how we are going to do business. For years it was easy to get rails out of the west but now that transportation costs have gone up we realize that whole system will change. We are going to need to buy and help produce more product to buy in our local footprint area. Sorghum we see as a great opportunity to increase total production. We don’t see it taking away from anything. And it’s a permanent add.”

Hull wanted growers to know that Murphy Brown is investing in the infrastructure that’s needed to accept local grain by truck instead of rail:

“We are spending money and making a commitment to partner with farmers, I think it is long overdue. We are all part of the same process here, the animal feeders and the growers.”

And according to Hull, Murphy Brown is compensating growers from the corn market:

“They’re paid 95% of the cost of corn, it’s a fixed number this year. Historically that is a pretty good number, its typically been 80-90%.”

Representative Williams went on to explain to growers that many elected officials are out of touch with rural America, and producers need to make a point of educating those officials:

“If you live in rural South Carolina, like I do, it is very important that we get our politicians involved. Please share with them the importance of their involvement in this process.”

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