More Peanut Information Sessions for North Carolina Growers

With an increase in acreage in the Carolinas this year, the Peanut folks with NC State Extension and the North Carolina Peanut Growers association decided to bring the field day to the producer, instead of the other way around. Early next month, there’s not one, not two, but three field days set. Bob Sutter, CEO of NC Peanut Growers Association:

“The first one is on the 6th of September in Lewiston NC. Registration there will start at 8:30 and the plot tours will begin at 9 and lasting until 11. At that time we will have our annual meeting from 11 till 1. We have seen an increase in acres in the southeast part of the state and because Lewiston is a long trip from these locations, we will have a second field day on September 11th in Bladen County. That will also start at 9 and give the producers in the southern part of the state the opportunity to see field plots on agronomy and disease, insects and variety development.”

And then the third will be later that same week, according to Sutter:

“The third one will be a field day of peanut variety, quality and evaluation program, which is a joint effort between Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina to test new varieties to be sure that before it is released, the characteristics of the variety are what all three segments of the industry are looking for: disease, yield on the growers side, shell-ability, and then shell color and blanch-ability. This field day will be in Martin County on September 13th.”

Sutter explains that unlike some other crops, issues with pests or disease in peanuts don’t seem to be localized:

“There may be an issue that comes up in one area in one year but doesn’t come up in that area the next year. But for the most part, the issues are the same in North Carolina.”

And the keynote speaker at the annual meeting on the 6th will be….

“Johnny Winn will be speaking about the past and the present and what he thinks might be in store for the future. He was the peanut breeder at NC State for 15 years so he has a great experience that we are interested in hearing and we also want to thank him for his contributions.”

And the rest of the speaker lineup:

“Cindy Belch, who is a farmer in Northampton County is the chairwoman of the National Peanut Board. Marie Fenn who is the Chief Executive of the Peanut Board. Marianne Copelan is our promotion person for Virgina/Carolina promotions. Dale Cotton will talk about supply and I will join him to talk about legislative issues.”

For the rest of the speaker lineup, as well as dates, times and directions, visit our CALENDAR.

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