Monsanto Launches New Scholarship Program

Monsanto is launching a new scholarship program called America’s Grow Ag Leaders Program. Elizabeth Vancil, Customer Outreach Manager at Monsanto Company:

“This is a new scholarship program that is offering high school and college students an opportunity to earn $1500 scholarships to further their education and keep them perusing an agricultural career.”

When many hear agriculture, they automatically think farmer. Vancil explains that an agricultural career is not limited to production agriculture:

“The agriculture industry is much more, its thousands of careers ina variety of fields; science, research, IT, finance, technology experts, business and communications. According to the USDA every year approximately 25,000 agricultural jobs go unfilled because there are not enough candidates.”

As Vancil mentioned, many ag jobs go unfilled, some of that is due to a lack of understanding of what ag has to offer, and some is the cost of college itself:

“Its more expensive today to pursue higher education than it used to be. So we are excited to be able to offer this scholarship to make that cost a little easier.”

Vancil explains that this is a pilot program, and North and South Carolina rural residents are eligible to apply:

“We are looking to provide this opportunity to folks in rural counties. So we are awarding 2 scholarships by crop recording districts. The eligible counties are listed on  site. Please visit that site if you live in a rural community, please see if you are eligible to apply.”

And to learn more:

“You can visit  . We are partnering with the National FFA organization and run the program in coordination with the National Collegiate FFA Scholarship program. So students can apply at You can also call 1-877-267-3332 with questions.”

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