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Meet CPDA: Representing the Adjuvants Industry for Farmers

The Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology – CPDA – represents a group of companies that play a significant role in the crop protection products industry. For 35 years, CPDA has been representing manufacturers and distributors of adjuvant, inert, biorational, and generic crop protection products. Terry Kippley, the new president of CPDA, explains the role of the organization.

“The organization was originally founded to provide a level playing field when it came to Congress and the EPA on legislative and regulatory issues impacting the ability of post-patent companies to offer growers an alternative. Today, nearly 80 percent of all U.S. distribution of approximately $13 billion of crop protection products and about 80 percent of inert ingredients used in all aspects of the industry are provided by CPDA members. We’re a network of basic inert manufacturers. adjuvant and crop protection formulators, distributors, ag retailers and post-patent crop protection companies who collectively make their voices heard by working together. Our strategic imperatives are built around the acronym PACE, which stands for proactively leading in the areas of advocacy, community and education.” 

This is a big week for CPDA membership, as the organization hosts the Annual Adjuvants and Inerts Conference, with a theme of Crop Protection and Adjuvant Business Today and Tomorrow.

“We have nearly doubled past attendance, setting a new record with over 250 attendees from 110 different companies. Our members told us that market intelligence in order to make better business decisions when it comes to delivering the grower what they need, when they need it was a key topic. So, to that end, we have a variety of sessions with industry experts covering key aspects of the crop protection, adjuvant, inerts business, like sourcing, global trade and advocacy. The big draw is an executive leadership panel featuring the top executives from Helena, Nutrien, Simplot and Winfield United, who will tell us their view on what the future will look like over the next five to ten years and how they will need to change to meet that future. And also, we’re having a first CPDA Adjuvant University Educational Program.” 

Kippley says adjuvants are important for farmers, and CPDA has tools to help them find the right one.

“In 1976, there were only three herbicides, RoundUp, Atrazine and paraquat, that required the addition of a tank mix adjuvant for optimal performance. Today, there are over 1,000 pesticide labels requiring an adjuvant and there’s more than 2,500 adjuvants from which to choose. And we know that choosing the right adjuvant can impact the performance of the product by up to 50 percent. Plus, with the shortages of glyphosate and other products, adjuvants are more important than ever this season to help the growers stretch the chemical supplies. Som how do you know which one to choose? growers can come to our website at where we have our adjuvants certification program that has a list of over 225 CPDA certified adjuvants.” 

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