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McCrory & Burr Address Tobacco Growers Meeting

Governor Pat McCrory addressed the Tobacco Growers Association of North Carolina’s annual meeting on Friday during the Southern Farm Show. It was the first time that a governor had addressed the group in over ten years according TGANC’s Vice President Graham Boyd. McCrory addressed many of the larger issues in the state, pin-pointing agricultural growth through exports in the state:

“I want to start promoting the Ag industry to be a life long profession like it always has been in NC. You will have a governor saying the Ag profession is going to be the profession that helps get NC out of this recession. I am going to say the tobacco growers are going to lead the way for us. When I go on international trips, one of the first thing I’m going to mention is tobacco exports. Its not just going to be about high tech things, we are going to talk about the exports of tobacco, which will help this state and our nation.”

US Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina was also a speaker at Friday’s event, also promoting the state’s ag sector regarding trade and exports:

“We are not going to put the trade genie back in the bottle, so then we ought to have trade agreements with everyone around the world that you can. The biggest beneficiary of that is going to be a state like NC because agriculture is the 800 pound gorilla that the US has to play in and international market.”

Burr also addressed the impending debate on immigration reform:

“I think common sense immigration is something that the majority of Americans embrace. If we hadn’t of had one they wouldn’t be here, as the majority of Americans immigrated to the US. I have great hope that we are going to be able to do something this year, something that 99% of you would agree it embraces everything you believe. The only thing that would stop this from happening is if our President steps into the current discussions and says ‘no that’s not good enough.’”

McCrory closed with these remarks:

“I believe in business. I believe in entrepreneurship, I also believe in efficient government. Its time for us to work together, communicate with each other and understand what our goals and needs are and then we will all have victory. We will allow the next generation of farmers to have the same quality of life that we have enjoyed.”

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