Just Getting into South Carolina Soybean Fields a Challenge to Manage Fungal Issues

Yesterday we heard from Clemson University Extension feed grain specialist David Gunter on soybean rust being identified in four South Carolina counties. Since soybean rust has been in the country, about ten years or so, this is the first time it’s been identified early enough in the growing season to be an economic threat. Right now, Gunter says there’s other things going on in soybean fields, so rust may not be the only problem:

"The big problem is that we are so wet, I don’t know how much we can do with ground rigs. David Mueller is more concerned with target spot that he found in soybeans last week. That has done quite a bit of damage in past years. We never found it last year, but have already seen it this year on soybeans.

I think the fungicide sprays will be working overtime not just on rust but other diseases.

The wet weather has really affected each crop. For corn people they are anxious to get into the fields and putting tracks on their combines so they can be ready when the weather breaks.

Hopefully we will get a break soon, with some dry weather next week.”

David Gunter, Clemson Extension feed grain specialist

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