Joint Commodities Conference to Focus on Marketing

With the New Year upon us, it’s time to start making plans to attend the 25th Annual Joint Commodities Conference at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham. CEO of the North Carolina Soybean Producers Association Charles Hall explains that this year’s conference is focused on marketing:
“We have a solid focus on marketing this year with Tom Slate who is President/CEO of the US Grains Council out of DC. Also, Dave Fogle who is a broker and producer with Advanced Trading. Two guys who can really tell us a lot about where the market is going and how producers can defend their balance sheet selling their commodities.”

As we’ve come to expect, the Joint Commodities Conference is jammed with valuable information. Hall outlines some of the other activities:

“We recognize all of the yield winners for their production this past year across all commodities. That is something we do every year and is enjoyed by all the producers. Its very competitive in NC. We have our commodity specialists from NC State to be leading production seminars. We also have a panel of NC commodity merchandisers who will be talking about the 2014 markets.”

One of the most highly anticipated events of the conference is the yield and management awards. We heard earlier from NC State’s Ron Heiniger that the corn yields were impressive, and Hall says he’s anticipating the same thing for soybeans:

“I have heard there are good corn yields and contest yields. I expect the full season beans to do well this year. It could be the year where we see someone officially break the 100 bushel mark. The highest contest yield so far is 96. I wouldn’t rule out this conference to be when we give out the award to someone who breaks 100.”

Hall outlines the date and location of the conference:

“We are fortunate to be back at the Sheridan Imperial Hotel in Durham. Its Jan 16 and 17 for the conference and there is a pre-opening reception on the 15th. We welcome producers to join us for all of it.”

The conference is free with the exception of the Thursday night banquet which is $20. For more information or to register visit'

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