Johnston County Hosting Annual Tobacco Day

The Annual Tobacco Day is coming up on December 5th, and Bryant Spivey, County Extension Director in Johnston County is once again the host:

"It’s a great opportunity for farmers to come out and hear about some of the latest research that has been conducted at NC State, especially research about tobacco production here in eastern NC. It’s still very important to us here in Johnston County.”

Spivey gives a brief outline of the speakers this year:

“There is a wide variety on the program this year. Things that are of particular interest: Dr. Mila is going to give an update on target spot in tobacco. We had a tough year for target spot in tobacco. Grant Ellington will give an update on research that he did this year on energy use on some of the newest curing barns on the market. Growers that are trying to improve the old barns or investing in new barns will be interested to hear that information. Matthew Vann, an extension associate in crop science, will talk about how flue cured tobacco works in a rotation to help reduce palmer amaranth populations.”

If all that isn’t enough, there’s more planned for the half-day event:

“We will have an update on some GAP compliance and have some different speakers there to talk about the efforts to ease the burden on growers, or at least to automate that system and how growers can share their information with their companies. Blake Brown will be talking about the flue cured tobacco situation and outlook. Loren Fisher will be on the program giving a variety update on the testing program. It’s a great program lined up and lots of good information.”

As always there will be a luncheon where tobacco greats will be awarded. Spivey strongly encourages registration for meal planning purposes:

“The date is December 5th. The program begins at 8am. They need to pre-register by the end of November. Click here to register. That way we can make adequate provisions for the meals.”

Spivey says there’s lots of good information, and encourages all to attend:

“We want growers to come, we want agri-business leaders to come, and others that are involved in the tobacco industry. We will have a great meal and lot of good education.”

Tobacco Day is December 5th at the Johnston County Extension Center near Smithfield.

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