January CCC Lending Rates Announced

USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation has announced interest rates for January 2013. Unchanged from December of 2012 – the CCC borrowing rate-based charge for January is 0.125-percent. For 1996 and subsequent crop year commodity and marketing assistance loans – the interest rate for loans disbursed during January 2013 is 1.125-percent – also unchanged from December. For Farm Storage Facility Loans approved for January – interest rates are unchanged at 1.125-percent with seven-year loan terms; down to 1.625-percent with 10-year loan terms; and unchanged at 1.875-percent with 12-yearr loan terms. The interest rate for Sugar Storage Facility Loans for January 2013 is 2.125 – unchanged from December. The maximum discount rate applicable for January 2013 for the Tobacco Transition Payment Program is five-percent – also unchanged from December 2012. This is based on the 3.250-percent prime rate plus two-percent, rounded to the nearest whole number.

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