Irrigation Workshop Offered in South Carolina

With the irrigation boom of the past couple of years comes water management issues, and the Richland, Calhoun and Orangeburg Conservation Districts in South Carolina are offering a one-day irrigation and water management workshop to help producers use irrigation efficiently and economically. Buddy Atkins, Manager of the Richland Soil and Water Conservation District:

“It’s a broad ranging water management and irrigation workshop. From the regulatory environment to the nitty gritty for the producers, helping them to save money and have better production.”

When it comes to efficiency of irrigation, Atkins explains there’s many facets to using water efficiently:

“Pumping a lot of ground water can be very expensive in terms of electricity or diesel costs. What we want to do is save the producers money and help them to improve yields, have better pest management and nutrient utilization.”

Atkins explains that one of the goals of this workshop is to teach producers how much water to use:

“There are a number of things we want to do. First is to make sure they understand the regulatory framework because that is constantly changing. Also, the importance of reporting their water use so that can be recorded and essentially sets the framework as we go into the regulatory programs in coastal plain, they have set a benchmark of how much water they use.”

Atkins gives the particulars of the workshop:

“It’s being held Thursday March 14 at the Tricounty Electric Facility, located off of Old State Road in St. Mathews SC. It will be from 9am to 3pm.”

Clemson’s Dr. Jose Payero will have a presentation on irrigation scheduling, and Dr. Dara Park, also of Clemson will be offering information on water quality and pesticide efficacy, as well as doing on-the-spot water report evaluations.

For more information or a registration link, visit our calendar.

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