Introducing Young People to The World of Farming

The South Carolina State Fair has implemented a new program to engage young people in the agricultural aspect of the fair. SC State Fair's Assistant Director, Nancy Smith told Southern Farm Network Director Rhonda Garrison how the program works:

“We have introduced our new Field to Fair program. Its intended to teach young people about agriculture.

While the rides and food are still attractions, our program is focused on the kids as well. Our program is targeted to ages Pre-k to grade 5, which we feel is our target as we continue to lose a number of farmers in this area, and we want to teach these kids about agriculture. They can receive their own blue ribbon certifying them as a South Carolina Ambassador of Agriculture.

The kids play the games at home on their own time and then bring their completed card to the fair.

The fair runs Oct 10-21, so beforehand kids can go online and download the passport to sustainability. There are sixteen great games to play.

This is a program that we will continue in the coming years, and not just in 2012. “ is dedicated to serving the agricultural industry in the Carolinas and Virginia with the latest ag news, exclusive regional weather station readings, and key crop market information. The website is a companion of the Southern Farm Network, provider of daily agricultural radio programming to the Carolinas since 1974. presents radio programs, interviews and news relevant to crop and livestock production and research throughout the mid-Atlantic agricultural community.