House Ag Committee Chairman Reassures Producers

Recently,  at the 2017 Commodity Classic in San Antonio, House Ag Committee Chairman Mike Conaway was opening speaker at the General session.  Conaway addressed President Trump’s nominee for for Ag Secretary:


3-3 Conaway 1            :36            …”in there.”


The 2018 farm bill is already in motion, and Conaway reiterated that it will be done on time:


3-3 Conaway 2            ;20            …”happen.”


While  the farm bill process gets underway, Conaway made assurances to producers:


3-3 Conaway 3            :13            …”period.”


With the full weight of the House Ag Committee behind that commitment:


3-3 Conaway 4            :15            …”happen.”


Tomorrow we’ll have more from House Ag Chairman Mike Conaway.  For all of Southern Farm Network’s coverage from the 2017 Commodity Classic, visit'

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