Horticulture at NC State Fair

The horticultural exhibits at the NC State Fair this year will be packed with things that people have grown and are quite proud of. Proud enough to have them judged. April Blazich, superintendent of the horticulture department of the NC State Fair discusses this year’s exhibits:

We have 2883 entries, but not all of them will come in. For the past seven years we have gone up in number. We have more entries under the vegetable division than we have under the fruit and nut division.

I think that people are wanting to eat more locally and know where their food is coming from. Many want to grow their own because they know you can do better than what you bought at the store.”

And, as Blazich explains, you don’t have to be a farmer to show off your green thumb:

“We don’t restrict entries to just farmers. We have people who bring thing in a pot, because not everyone has land. If they can produce enough to put on the plate they can bring it to the fair to be shown.”

Blazich attributes the upward trend in exhibits to the local food movement, and people wanting to know where their food comes from, and consequently growing it themselves.

“This year we have the very first vegetable petting zoo. Down by the children’s exhibits we will have a giant pumpkin, watermelon, head of cabbage and other exotic vegetables. People will be able to touch them.”

Tomorrow we’ll hear from the One-Man-Band, a new attraction at this year’s State Fair.

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