Horry County, SC Farmer Hopes Children Stay on Farm

After a childhood with grandparents that farmed, Megan Floyd, married a Horry County, Tobacco, corn, soybeans, cotton & wheat farmer. Theirs is a family farm, where she and her husband Richard are raising their one daughter.

In the early years of her marriage, Megan had a ‘city job’, and farmed part-time with her husband:

“When we were first married, I worked as a Registered Radiology Technician. On my days off I would help him out on the farm. After taking maternity leave, I decided to stay full time on the farm.”

The Floyds are very active in the Horry-Conway chapter of South Carolina Farm Bureau:

“My husband is the county Farm Bureau member for Horry-Conway and I am chair of the women’s committee for Farm Bureau. We are both on the state young farmer and rancher committee.”

Megan feels that being involved with Farm Bureau has changed the way she looks at farming:

“Since we’ve started working with Farm Bureau, my eyes have opened so much. Especially on the state and federal levels to see how much our government has a say on how we farm. One of the regulations that really hit home, was concerning the ability for a child under the age of 16 to work on the farm.”

Through a disability then a death in the family, the Floyds also have a monument engraving business on the side:

“It wasn’t something we were exactly looking for, it was my husband’s great uncle’s business, and we have continued to run it.”

Megan is hopeful that her daughter’s childhood on the farm will evolve into a lifetime on the farm:

“I would love for her to know, just as I do, where everything comes from. Though its hard right now with her only being 19 months, for me to do everything that I’d like to on the farm. But she loves riding the tractor and being out side. She also likes to participate in the farm duties, especially ones that involve dirt!”

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Horry County, South Carolina farmer Megan Floyd.

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