Hessian Fly & Stripe Rust Real Threats to Southeastern Winter Wheat

NC State Extension Small Grain Specialist Dr. Randy Weisz says wheat in North Carolina has really perked up in the past month:

“The wheat is doing very well. The interspersed periods between warm and cold that we have had have done the wheat a lot of good. Some of the wheat that I had was not doing well earlier in Jan, but it has come along well in the month since I saw it. These warm days have really been good.”

But, hessian fly continues to be a problem says Weisz:

“I think growers need to be making sure that weeds aren’t competing with the tillers. There have been quite a few reports, particularly in central and eastern NC of fields with hessian fly.”

As far as identification and control of hessian fly, Weisz says there’s plenty of information:

“I would encourage growers to look at my website under the video library, there is a brand new video on the hessian fly, as well as a very good publication that is linked there on spring control of hessian fly. There is also a new short publication on controlling hessian fly. It would be good for growers to see the photos to know what they are looking for in their wheat right now.”

In addition to hessian fly, Weisz explains that there’s a real threat of stripe rust this year:

“The other thing growers should be mindful of is that our weather and the weather in the southern US has been ideal for stripe rust. The alert that I sent out shows some good images of what it looks like. It would be beneficial for growers to know what it looks like. If it shows up, they need to spray.”

 The website is:   www.smallgrains.ncsu.edu

NC State Small Grain Specialist Dr. Randy Weisz.

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