Heavy Hitters Behind Farmers and Ranchers for Romney Coalition

A Farmers and Ranchers for Romney Coalition has formed. Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney says he’s honored to have so many farmers and ranchers standing with his campaign – noting they are the backbone of America and play a critical role in ensuring Americans across the country have access to safe and affordable food. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is a National Chair for the Coalition. He says farmers are looking for a leader in the White House who knows how the private sector works. He charges President Obama has demonstrated in rhetoric and policies that he lacks that understanding. Putnam believes Romney’s experience and vision will restore a brighter future for all Americans. Another National Chair of the Coalition is Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns. He says President Obama’s policies have failed to reinvigorate our economy – and even worse – his regulatory overreach stifled growth and cost jobs. As president – Johanns says Romney will not only jumpstart economic growth in this country – but also carefully tend to the needs of agricultural producers and rural communities.

Other Farmers and Ranchers for Romney Coalition National Chairs include Ambassador Tom Nassif, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer and Former USDA Acting/Deputy Secretary Charles Conner. Several United States Senators and Representatives and former Secretaries of Agriculture are National Co-Chairs of the Coalition.

Agri-Pulse reports neither of the Presidential candidates have outlined a specific agenda for farm policy – but Romney is beginning to provide more details about how his administration would handle key issues. When it comes to American Agriculture – Chuck Conner says there’s a real contrast between the President and Governor Romney. Conner told Agri-Pulse that Romney has pledged to take several actions to help agriculture and rural America on day one if elected to serve as President. These include seeking expanded Trade Promotion Authority, repealing the estate tax and placing a regulatory cap on new regulations and instructing each federal agency to come up with a system to consider the costs before imposing onerous new regulations.

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