Halifax Farmer Discusses Weed Resistance Control Options

Today we are joined by Halifax County farmer Rob Flemming. Rob, describe how the weed spectrum has changed on your fields in the past few years and how has weed resistance impacted that?

“Years ago the weeds we were faced with were something like sicapod, lots of grasses, different species of weeds. Now with the glyphosate that we have been using over the years, the grasses are a non-issues. Now its all about palmer amaranth and mare’s tail. It has changed so much that we are really having to change gears on the tools we use. “

Are pigweed and mare’s tails your main weed problems?

“Yes, they are.”

Have you seen resistance impact your yields?

“Yes, I utilize a yield monitor on my cotton picker and as soon as I run across an infested patch, the yield falls to nothing.”

Explain why the LibertyLink system is an important part of your resistance management program:

“The LibertyLink is a great tool that I’m using now to combat resistant weeds along with residual herbicides, LibertyLink gives me that 1-2 punch that it takes to knock out some of the weeds.”

What was the biggest factor in your choosing the LibertyLink system for your cotton?

“The biggest factor was I knew where some of my weed hot spots were.”

How would you describe your yield performance with LibertyLink compared to glyphosate tolerant varieties?

“Last year my yield performance on my LibertyLink was on a trial run basis. The yield was the best I had on my farm. This year due to the excess rain, I found that the LibertyLink system is as good, if not better than the RoundUp ready.”

Tell us where does weed resistance rank in your level of concerns when making management decisions?

“At the top because that is where we are spending all of our money, its our biggest expense.”

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