Growers Say Crop Insurance Vital to Keeping Families Alive

Crop insurance is the cornerstone of the farm safety net. National Crop Insurance Services is dedicated to sharing the stories of the farmers, agents, and adjusters behind each crop insurance policy. Recently, National Crop Insurance Services traveled to Mississippi and Arkansas to hear from farmers in the field about the challenges they are facing. Farmers like third-generation grower Scott Flowers in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

“We couldn’t make it without crop insurance. I mean, we put so much money into the crop that we can’t afford to miss a crop. Or not to have a safety net if we do.” 

Arkansas farmer Jim Carroll has also experienced his share of unpredictable disasters. He is grateful for the stability of crop insurance.

“I’m a fourth-generation farmer here. It’s in my blood and never want to do anything else. We use crop insurance for the fact that if something bad happens, we don’t want to lose our livelihood, not being smart enough to take a little crop insurance out.” 

Crop insurance protects the farmers who grow our food and fiber as well as the rural communities that rely on a thriving farm economy. Matthew Marsh in England, Arkansas, explained how crop insurance helps his family operation support local jobs.

“To have a safety net, if you will, that allows us to go out and take that risk that we’re going to be able to make a crop. That’s one of the only ways we can do it is to it’s to know that if Mother Nature throws us a big curveball, we may have something, some way to stay in business and keep our community and our all our employees going forward to another year.” 

Crop insurance is essential to America’s farmers and National Crop Insurance Services is dedicated to supporting a strong crop insurance program. Watch these stories and more at