Freshening Up at a Long-time Consulting Firm

KCoe Isom, on of the nation’s leading food and agriculture consulting firms, has served its customers for 90 years. Jeannie Bernick is Growth Leader for Pinion. She says 90 years is a long time, and they want to “freshen things up” with a new approach.

“We really wanted to encompass a more forward-thinking, proactive, and global approach to our business. We reached out and became a global firm, so we needed a name that moved us from what people used to think of us as an accounting firm to become more of a consulting firm. The time was right to rebrand our name, and we’re excited to announce that we’re going to be called Pinion.”

Bernick talks about why they chose Pinion for a new name.

“A pinion is a part of a machine that is required to make the machine focus in a specific direction, so think rack-and-pinion steering. Most farms, mechanical businesses, or manufacturing businesses that we work with have a pinion gear somewhere on their shops or in their operation, and so, it’s a big part of the roots of the work we do in food and ag. You can’t run anything without that pinion gear. It’s essentially what helps steer and drive things forward.”

She talks about what the name change will mean for the farmers they work with every day.

“Essentially, nothing will change for them. They’ll see the same names, the same faces, and the same client relationships they’re used to. We are a business advisory firm that specializes in food and agriculture, particularly when it comes to tax and financial information and resources there. So, food and ag is at the root of business creation 90 years ago. That will continue. Nothing will change in terms of our quality or the way that we serve our clients. They’ll continue to see great new ideas come from us with this rejuvenated momentum going forward with the new brand.”

It’s all about moving forward into the future with the new brand.

“As a gear keeps turning, just a pinion makes things move, the team here at our firm is dedicated to helping food and ag businesses succeed well into the future. And so, we’re being very innovative as we think about our consultative work. So, we’re always going to be there for you for your tax or your estate-planning work or any of your other management needs. That’s where we specialize, but we’re really getting innovative when it comes to offering solutions around sustainability or futures and commodity brokerage services.”

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