Food Dialogues Coming to North Carolina

The North Carolina Animal Ag Coalition is involved in bringing the United States Animal Ag Alliance’s Food Dialogues event to Raleigh later this week. Herb Vanderberry, Public Policy Economist for NCFB, is helping coordinate the event:

“The event has been held in NY, Chicago, Los Angeles and DC. The idea is to answer questions that consumers have about their food, like what is in their food and how its produced, as well as other questions they have as they are purchasing food for their families.”

Vanderberry outlines the panel members scheduled to participate:

“It allows us to bring together farmers, scientists, chefs, food retail personnel, and a veterinarian.”

In addition, there will be North Carolina farmers on the panel:

“We will have four NC farmers, one is Bo Stone who was recognized as one of the faces of Farming by US Farmers Alliance. His duties to carry that out is to attend events like this. We are excited about the panelists and the NC flavor in this event. We want people to register at

The Food Dialogues will be available on many different platforms to allow all those interested to participate explains Vanderberry:

“If they are not able to attend in person, they can tune into a live stream and participate in social media during the event.”

The event is free and open to the public says Vanderberry:

“Its free, but they must register to attend.”

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