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“Field of Dreams” Game Highlights Corn Farmers

“Field of Dreams” Game Highlights Corn Farmers

The Field of Dreams game Thursday between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees puts corn farmers on display to the nation. The National Corn Growers Association is an official partner with MLB for the game played in Dyersville, Iowa. NCGA President John Linder says thanks to the Field of Dreams movie, corn and baseball go hand-in hand.

Field of Dreams Stadium, Dyersville, Iowa (photo credit:

“When you think about the kind of consistent ties across many different sections, you really realize that that with its history, corn and baseball is a longtime staple. So, there’s such an opportunity to bring people together, and focus back on what do corn farmers do and how they relate to the consumers. So, it’s just a good optic, a good opportunity, a real good venue to carry a message forward.” 

The game will be played at a new facility at the Field of Dreams movie site in an Iowa cornfield.

“When you look at this being played in a cornfield in Iowa, that just makes a corn farmers heart sing. But it’s so relatable to anybody that loves baseball because the movie made it such an icon to put corn and baseball together. The visual is pretty amazing, but the movie has really probably inspired a lot more attention to the two being is synonymous, as they are.” 

Linder says the game is a great way to promote the hard work corn farmers do for consumers.

“Consumer outreach is always a top priority for farmers. What we would like for folks to know is that the feedstock of many of their consumable food and fuel items, that corn is being raised sustainable and environmentally sound and that’s a very big focus for farmers. So, I think this is a nice place to carry that message forward, but education as part of what we do because if we’re not telling our story, how can anyone really know the good things we do and what impacts we can have so that future generations can enjoy this planet as well as we do today.” 

In several states, corn farmers can gather with their state membership to enjoy the game together.

“We’ve really put an effort into in many states that are able to are putting watch parties together so that their membership can go watch together and watch the game. They’ll be able to enjoy some fellowship with fellow farmers but some other outreach as well. So, a great venue and great opportunity for farmers just to come together to celebrate what they do and celebrate baseball at the same time.” “Field of Dreams

The game will be televised Thursday starting at 7 p.m. eastern time on FOX. Learn more at