Farmers Scrambling to Save Strawberries

Strawberry farmers in North and South Carolina are working practically around the clock to make sure this year’s crop isn’t destroyed by the late winter blast of cold air. Don Nicholson, regional agronomist with the NC Department of Agriculture, says the next 24 hours is critical for the crop, and farmers are spraying to protect the early berries, but some risk running out of water…

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Nicholson says if the berries survive, they will be at least three weeks early because of blooming du

ring the warm February.


*Agriculture is NC’s largest industry, contributing $84 Billion to the economy and employing 17 percent of the state’s workforce. Today farmers and agribusiness people will be at the state capitol for NC Ag Awareness Day, reaching out to legislators and other state leaders with the message of agriculture’s importance. Larry Wooten is with the NC Farm Bureau, a key sponsor of the event…

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NC has more than 48 thousand farms and 8.3 million acres of farmland.


The National Corn Growers Association is meeting on Capitol Hill and talking with lawmakers on issues important to corn farmers this week. NCGA first vice president Kevin Skunes of North Dakota says despite the winter weather in Washington, D.C., they are making their voice heard…tape

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Kansas Senator Calls for Restoration of Trade with Cuba

U.S. Senate Republican Jerry Moran (more-ran) is calling for the United States to restore trade with Cuba. Moran recently reintroduced legislation to lift the trade embargo against Cuba. The legislation would grant the private sector the freedom to export U.S. goods and services to Cuba, while protecting U.S. taxpayers from any risk resulting from trade. With Cuba 90 miles from the U.S. border, Moran says lifting the embargo and opening agricultural trade would increase exports, create new jobs and boost the U.S. economy

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