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Farmers Have Planted the Second Highest Acreage in 10 Years

Friday was a big day at National Ag Statistics with the release of the Planted Acreage Report. NASS Chief of the Crops Branch Lance Honig:

“Overall, as we look at the principle crops, the 21 major crops, we saw 325.6 million acres planted this year, down about 700,000 acres, but up about 300,000 acres since planting intentions in March.”

Winter wheat all over the country has struggled into the finish line, and Honig says the numbers in this report reflect that:

“We look at planted acreage for winter wheat, we are at 42.7 million acres, up about 700,000 acres from estimates in March. But the harvested acres are estimated at 32.3 million acres, down 1.3% from where we were just a few weeks ago in the crop report. The big driver is that the harvested acres are down.”

Following the wheat theme, many acres intended to be double-cropped into soybeans have yet to be planted. Honig says this report addresses that as well:

“Part of the information that we collect in June is not only acres planted and to be planted, but how many are left to be planted. For soybeans there were a lot of acres left to be planted in June. Based on that data nearly 27% were still left to be planted. Based on that survey we will do a re-interview survey on soybeans in 14 states where they are left to be planted.”

Regarding corn acreage, a lot of hope has been pinned on this year’s corn crop. There was a bit of a surprise in this year’s numbers says Honig:

“We are looking at 97.4 million acres planted. A few more than many anticipated. But if you look state by state, we do see declines in corn acreages in the corn belt states. We are seeing a lot more corn in other areas, across the south especially.”

And tobacco…the planted acres match the acres projections from March says Honig:

“Tobacco is one of the bright spots this year. We are expecting 4% more acres to be harvested this year than last. Its 350,000 acres this year.”

For detailed acreage by crop click on each state below:

North Carolina

South Carolina


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