Farm Groups Come Out Against TPP


Over 160 Farm, Food, and Faith Groups sent a letter to Congress this week, asking it to reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, and to stand Up for Independent Farmers and Ranchers. National Farmers Union hosted a conference call Wednesday to talk about TPP. Here’s NFU President Roger Johnson…

“Number one, agriculture is not unanimous in support, secondly, I’d like to point out that there’s a letter demonstrating that that’s signed by more than 160 organizations across the country that is going up on the Hill today, asking members of congress to not support TPP.

We have 20 free trade agreements that we’ve entered into, they’ve all been entered into with promises of increased economic activity for all of us, ne jobs, more economic growth, etc. etc., and the history of them has not been keeping up with the promises that have been made.

Additionally, the agriculture economy today is suffering, we are down in terms of net farm income more than 50% since 2013, and we are seeing increased concern about farmers and ranchers not being able to service their debts, one of the indicators of a real problem in the economy.”

Johnson said the stance of National Farmers Union is definitely not anti-trade…

“We support trade.  We all support trade, we want to sell more of our stuff.  But, we want it to be fair.”

North Carolina groups including Carolina Farm Stewardship, Farm Labor Organizing Committee, Food & Water Watch, Land Loss Prevention Project and Rural Advancement Foundation International USA signed the letter, as well as The Rural Advancement Fund of South Carolina.

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson.'

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