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Farm Bureau Updates Voting Toolkit

The American Farm Bureau Federation has revamped its iFarmiVote election toolkit for the 2022 election cycle. Tom Donnelly, AFBF director of grassroots program development, says the toolkit gives you all the information you need before voting.

“Every election year farmers and ranchers turnout and vote in high numbers and we want to continue that in 2022. So, we’ve released our new 2022 iFarmiVote election resource. It’s a resource available to anyone online and could be found at It contains information about candidates, where to vote, how to vote, absentee voting, and early voting.” 

Donnelly encourages all farmers and ranchers to check it out.

“One of the reasons it’s important is because of this particular election cycle, there’s many that live in a state that went through a process of redistricting after the 2020 census. So, the candidate and voting information that’s contained in the website is fresh, it’s new, it’s constantly updated. And it’s important for those in the agriculture community to support ag-friendly candidates, and to find out about those candidates, they can go to the website, and it’ll pull up the candidates in their particular districts.” 

You can also check your voter registration status.

“You’ll need to enter your legal first name and your legal last name, that’s your state-issued information. Once you enter that, it’ll show you whether or not you’re registered to vote in your state or not. And if you’re not, there are links in there that will help you find out where to register to vote and how to register to vote in your particular state.” 

Head to to learn more.