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Farm Bill’s Crop Insurance Provision Under Fire

Proposed crop insurance cuts and EPA delays in issuing new renewable fuels targets continue to dominate ag lawmakers concerns.

Lawmakers are also focused on the administration’s proposed crop insurance cuts – 16-billion over 10-years in new cuts to prevented planting and revenue insurance programs. Georgia producer Ronnie Lee…

“It would impact our production a lot. Subsidies on crop insurance are very important to us and its an expensive part of our operation to perchance crop insurance. We don’t need it where we cant afford it.”

Senate Ag Chair Pat Roberts asked Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack what the department’s doing to keep crop insurance as a viable risk management tool for farmers – especially with crop prices so low…

“We agree that the cornerstone of the safety net program is crop insurance. I’m proud of the number of policies written and the number of crops that are covered.”

And Vilsack says the number of insurers has increased by a net of two – despite cuts in federal fees to the industry in recent years. Still – he argues insurer profit margins at 14 to 17-percent are too high – and the Administration insists 12-percent is enough. Other areas of concern include payment limits, food stamp waste and abuse, and proposed conservation cuts.'

A native of the Texas Panhandle, Rhonda was born and raised on a cotton farm where she saw cotton farming evolve from ditch irrigation to center pivot irrigation and harvest trailers to modules. After graduating from Texas Tech University, she got her start in radio with KGNC News Talk 710 in Amarillo, Texas.