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Experts Offer Suggestions on Growing Grapes in the Mountains

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, the Sustainable Appalachian Viticulture Institute, the French Broad Vignerons, and the Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard will host the 4th Annual Grape Growers Conference at the Madison County Cooperative Extension Office in Marshall NC. Come learn how to participate in the fastest growing industry in North Carolina that provides over $1.5 billion economic impact in NC. The all-day conference will feature speakers who will share information on how to grow grapes, how to sell grapes, winemaking chemistry know-how, how to make home-made wines, and some of the many value added products that can be made from grapes.

There will be featured presentations in the morning and individual panel discussions in the afternoon. Expert panelists will discuss The main things to pay attention to when building a trellis for your vineyard; The most important tips for making wine at home; How to decide what grapes to grow; and, Considerations needed when Selling Grapes and Grape Products to Value Added Producers. Panelists will include Josh Fowler, Tom Mincarelli, John Kinnad, Tony Gaddis, Alan Staton, and other local growers and producers.

The panel discussions will be followed by questions from the audience. This presentation style is very interactive and gives everyone attending a chance to learn from the experts in their respective fields.

The conference registration fee is $25 paid in advance or $30 walk-in. Registration fee includes lunch, coffee break refreshments, handouts, and free parking. Online registration is now available at – Sponsors and Trade Show Vendors may also register at the same website. People who register in advance will receive a copy of the agenda and directions to the conference location.

Courtesy Chuck Blethen, Executive Director, Sustainable Appalachian Viticulture Institute