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“Excellence in Agriculture” and “Innovative Young Farmer” winners at the Tobacco Farm Life Breakfast


The Tobacco Farm Life Museum “Excellence in Agriculture” award was presented recently to Jerome Vick, the patriarch of the Vick Family Farms operation in Wilson Co. Jerome and his wife, Dianne, started their farming operation with 15 acres of land near Wilson, NC. The operation, now managed by the Vick’s son, Lynwood, includes more than 6,000 acres…primarily of tobacco, sweet potatoes, and cotton.


The “Excellence in Agriculture” award was sponsored for the first year by Wells Fargo Bank, the #1 lender in the nation’s ag industry, who recently has entered the NC agricultural marketplace with the building of a team of ag specialists to serve all 100 counties in the state. Now the largest bank in the U.S., Wells Fargo is aiming at growing its share of the agriculture-lending market east of the Rocky Mountains. Up to now, the bank has concentrated its agribusiness lending expertise in the West.



The Tobacco Growers Assn. of North Carolina presented it’s “Tobacco Farm Family of the Year” award recently to Fann Farms of Salemburg, in Sampson Co.


The Fann Farms operation includes five Fann families working together on what is now a sixth generation farm. Kent Fann and his several relatives (that make up Fann Family Farms): his son, Robert; his father, Kenneth; and brothers, Keith and Bennett Fann. They will be growing in excess of 1,000 acres of tobacco in 2014.