Enough Grain Sorghum Seed Available for Any Carolina Grower

There’s been rumors circulating the past few weeks that sorghum seed is sold out, and farmers interested in the crop for 2013 might be out of luck. Terry Coffey, Murphy-Brown LLC’s Chief Science & Tech Officer says for your favorite brand, that could be true, but…:

“From what I understand, they have access, the farmers just need to place the orders. The seed is sold out at the warehouse, but in terms of what the retailers have, they haven’t sold out what they have set aside. There is a gap. Part of the problem is that some of the more familiar brand names are not available.”

Coffey explains there are many well-established brands of sorghum seed that many growers in the east have probably never heard of:

“What’s happening with this catch 22, is if you ask the direct question- ‘Do you have any of Brand A sorghum seed?’ the answer will be no. But if the community gets a little more educated, they will know we do have these other really nice options that do well in terms of variety tests.”

With that being said, Coffey explains that there’s information available on many brands of sorghum seed that may be unfamiliar to Carolina farmers; extension, seed dealers and the like. With that being said, Coffey says there’s plenty of seed out there for the asking:

“When I talked to alternative seed suppliers from beyond the big 2, there absolutely is adequate seed. It’s a matter of them asking for it and getting it pushed through the retail chain.”

Chief of Science and Technology for Murphy-Brown LLC, Terry Coffey.

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