Edisto REC Hosting First of Two Research Field Days September 6th

This will be the second year that the Edisto Research and Education Center near Blackville has split their research field days into two parts, about a month apart. On Thursday, September 6th, they will be having the first of two, for peanuts and corn. Scott Montford, State peanut Specialist with Clemson University at the Edisto REC explains why two:

“We do that to so that we can get into more depth with some of our researchers. We wanted to open it up to give more information. Though it will be with fewer crops, there will be more information overall.”

Montford explains that the peanut portion of the field day will be in the morning, then corn in the afternoon:

“Most of the morning will be looking at peanut research and then there will be a short presentation on corn inside, followed by a potential outside tour. That will depend on the interest, as corn is coming out of the field right now, so most of the program may stay inside.”

As far as seeing research results, that will most likely be in the corn segment of the program since the bulk of it will be harvested, but the peanut segment will still be active, so some of the results will be conjecture, according to Montford:

“With peanuts, we will talk about what we hope to get out of the research plots. This tour has predominantly been a peanut tour in the past. With David Gunner being here as the agronomist for corn, soybean and small grains, we hope that his part of the tour will continue to grow.”

Montford says at the field day there will be variety trials with peanuts as well as some insect trials:

“We will show some of the variety challenge, we are comparing our new and standard runner versus our standard runner in Virginia types. We are also very involved in disease straining of these new virigina and runner style varieties. We will also have some insect work.”

There will also be a twin-row trial being shown at the field day:

“This is not new to the industry, but I am looking at some other things to add to the mix, something like white mold.”

And to round out the field tours on peanuts, Montford says they’ll be looking at some thrips control methods:

“We will finish the tour by looking at some of the new products coming out for thrips control.”

Again, the field day gets underway with registration at 8:30 on September 6th at the Edisto Research and Education Center near Blackville, South Carolina. Peanut research will be toured in the morning, then a break for lunch at the station, then the afternoon will feature corn research. For more information visit our Calendar.


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