Edisto Hosting First of Two Field Days this Week

The Edisto Research & Education Center, for a third year, is splitting their field days, one is this week on corn & peanuts, then cotton and soybeans will be covered in early October. This allows more in-depth coverage of field trials and demonstrations of each crop. Dr. Scott Monfort is Clemson University peanut specialist at Edisto and in charge of this Thursday’s field day:

“We will give the growers a look at some of the research that we have been conducting based on problems that we’ve seen over the last few years as well as some up and coming issues. The first stop will be disease research. We’ll look at leaf spot and examine the results of some new chemistries in the industry.”

On trial in particular focuses on input savings says Monfort:

“We will also talk about the grow regulator for peanuts. There has been a lot of work done and we are trying to figure out a way to use it to reduce the overall cost. We will look at results of our pairings with some of the herbicides.”

Monfort says they’ll also be showing some relatively new cultivars at this year’s field day:

“Our second stop will be the yield challenge. We are looking at all of the commercially available cultivars of both Virginia and Runner peanuts. This year we have several new ones in each variety.”

Monfort explains the field day gets underway at 9:00 am on Thursday:

“Its September 5th and registration begins at 9 am at the Edisto Research and Education Center. We will leave around 930 for the tours.”

Lunch will be served, then the corn portion of the day will follow lunch.

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