DuPont Pioneer Offering Soybean Seed Selections for the Southeast

DuPont Pioneer is making available this year a new series of soybean seeds especially with southeastern soils and growing conditions in mind. Aaron Alexander, Field Agronomist with DuPont Pioneer covering North Carolina and Virginia explains:

“We are launching the T Series soybean line, coming from the Y Series line that was launched in 2007. It’s a new platform that has been advanced using our AYT, Advanced Yield Technology, system. It is a combination of molecular breeding and in field selection. We are not just doing just the common plant breeding techniques, but integrating molecular breeding to better position the varieties on the right acres in NC and VA.”

One of the traits that these seed have been selected for is maturity says Alexander:

“In the double crop market, we are seeing the need for an earlier bean. The AYT systems also allows us to use markers that are identifying specific disease traits within the seed that we can further select upon and advance through the system a little quicker instead of having to test it in the fields.”

And this new series has both Roundup Ready and Liberty platforms available according to Alexander:

“We are bringing out a large number of varieties this year, specifically for NC and VA there are 8-9. Two of those are going to be new STS platform beans. We will have a 4.4, a mid-group 4, and then a late group 4, 4.9 and both will be STS Roundup Ready beans. We are also bringing out three new Liberty beans, they will give growers more options in weed control.”

Many southeastern farmers leave soybean harvest to last, and Alexander says these varieties chosen took that into account:

“When the group of agronomists from NC and VA were looking at advancing new products, harvest standability- how its going to hold up in the field after its been dried down and its waiting to be cut is one of the biggest considerations we took into fact. We want a bean that is going to weather well in the field. Most of these will be pretty solid if they need to be waited on.”

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